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Hello from SUNNY London! That's right, I said SUNNY, amazing! Last weekend was absolutely beautiful, around 24 degree's! I met a fellow Aussie at work last week and she kindly invited us to go to a BBQ at her house on Saturday, where we met lots of other people. It was a great day in the sun, it was good to hang around a bunch of Australians for that little hit of home!
We are now concentrating on working hard to save for August, when we are going away for a month for some sun and surf! We are heading to Morocco, where we will stay in Agadir and Casablanca, then off to Portugal to stay on the Lisbon coast, then we are renting a camper van to drive through Spain and the west coast of France. VERY VERY excited, I have just started planning, so I will let you all know when things are locked in. We are also still heading to Barcelona on the 19th of June for 4 nights, which will be great too! When you think about it, 2 years isn't very long to see the whole of Europe, so we need to start knocking some places over now! Looks like our time in London is probably going to be spent working as much as we can from here on in, but its worth it to see the amazing places we are so close too!
Hope you are all well and not missing us too much!
Love lots, Mel & Mark xoxoxoxo
PS. Next time you get pissed off about the time it takes to drive to work, spare a thought for us Londoners, this is a typical morning on the tube..

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Working hard

all seasons in one day 11 °C

Hi everyone from chilly London town! Hope you are all well and enjoying the cold back home as much as we are here!
Well, a few things have happened since the last post, a few more productive things that is. Firstly, Mark got a really great job at a company called Gallow Glass (http://www.gallowglass.co.uk/). He went for an interview last Thursday, got the job on the spot, and started the next day! He has met some great people there too, most of the workers are Aussie, English or South African, so they all speak English which he's happy with! So far he has worked at some really exciting places around London, setting up a television commercial for the World Cup, moving fridges and setting up a photo shoot for a electrical company ad campaign, and putting together the stage and set for a huge theater production in Soho - I am SO JEALOUS!!! I told them if they needed any more helpers, I dont mind a bit of heavy lifting! Somehow I dont think Im what they are after though. In true Mark style though, he doesnt think its a big deal. But he's always excited if he gets a free feed at work! The shifts are long, and can be at any time of the day or night, Since Friday he has already done 30 hours. The work isn't consistent, so he is doing as much as he can while its there. Im really proud of him for getting it, it sounds like there is a lot of scope for moving up in the company and the experience he gets will be great for him.
I have been working at a high school 10mins walk away teaching art, which is good because I have got my foot in the door there now. There is a full time Art position coming up in September there, and Im pretty sure I have a good chance, they seem to be talking like I'll be around for a while. Fingers crossed. I have also applied for a few internships working with fashion and design, an area Iv always dreamed of getting into but never had the opportunity in Australia. We have two years to make the most of it here, so I figure I might as well try!
We still haven't moved into the new place, we were meant to be here temporarily then move into the place closer to the tube station last week, but the people in there asked to stay another week. So we are supposed to move this Thursday. Im looking forward to it, because its closer to walk to shops etc. Although Ill miss being across the road from the charity shop! Iv been getting some great bargains!
I also had a stall at Brick Lane markets last Sunday. It was positive, I had lots of good responses from people, and Iv run out of business cards, but I didnt sell much unfortunately. I was only selling cards though, I think bigger prints would have done better with the crowd that was there. Oh well, it was the first go and Iv learnt for next time!
Ive posted some more photo's, including a trip we did to Greenwich (the centre of the world), and my market stall.

We will let you know more frequently when things are happening when they get more exciting!
Love lots, Mark and Mel

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Working, surfing, and gigging!


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in this post! Well, Mark is back from France, he had a great time surfing and sleeping in the car! Ill let him tell you all about it. While he was away, I worked and got some cards together to have a market stall in Brick Lane. I will be selling there this Sunday 16/5, very excited! Cassi and I went to see a band play last Friday night (New Young Pony Club), and met the lead singer, which was really exciting! We also went to a place called Koko to see Art vs Science play which was great. One of the best things about London is the amount of live music around, you can find someone you know playing somewhere every night of the week!

On the work front, Mark has started looking now, and has made a contact through one of Andys mates over here that might be able to get him some work with a panel beater. Fingers crossed! I am in the running for a job teaching art and textiles right near where we live, its looking good but I wont find out for another couple of weeks. In a few weeks we are planning to go to Scotland for a week (in my school half term break). We will stay in Edinburgh for a few nights and then we want to rent a car to explore along the coast. We will let you know more details when we decide whats happening.

Im going to get Mark to post something about his trip soon so keep checking back.
Miss you all lots, stay safe! xoxox

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And then there was one...

overcast 12 °C

We have moved in to our new place now, but we are only here for two weeks and then we move into a different house (which is pretty much exactly the same!), closer to the tube station. We were originally moving into the other one but the current tenant still has two weeks on their lease, so the landlord let us stay in one of his other properties which is great. We have wireless internet access too which means I can update this blog a bit more frequently!
Well, Mark has gone to France this morning for his 10 day surf trip, so he is very excited. He picks up his hired car at the airport and then he is driving down the coast, hopefully for lots of waves! He has checked the swell and apparently its pretty good. Unfortunately I haven't had any work this week, fingers crossed for the next couple of days though. While Marks away, my friend Cassi who I was staying with will come and keep me company, and I still have a couple of people I want to catch up with here so I should be kept busy! Hope you are well and everything's good at home. Talk to you soon xoxox

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Quick Update

sunny 13 °C

Just a quick one to let you all know we have finally found a place to live! The house is a restored Victorian terrace, and there is 8 other people living there. Its kind of like a mini motel, there are lots around London because the landlords can make a fortune! Our room is huge, and reasonably priced including all bills and wireless internet. We move in on Monday the 26th. The place is in Leytonstone, and right across the road from the tube station, which is a big plus. Its a nice quiet, safe area about 20mins away from Central London.
The other big news is that Mark is going to France for 10 days on Wednesday. He flies to Bordeux and has hired a car to drive down the coast to Hossegor, where the surf is apparently excellent. Im not going because Im trying to get some money together before the summer! Iv had work every day at three different schools, one of them in Chelsea which is a private girls school. Its very posh and lots of high profile people as well as Lord's and Baron's send their daughters there - needless to say I love it! Hopefully I will be getting more work there.
Love you and miss you all,
Mel and Mark xoxo

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