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Well, since our last post, we have managed to explore even more of London on foot, and most importantly, more markets (much to the excitement of Mark). We've got around to lots of local digs as well, eating and drinking at lots of places around Camden and Shoreditch. My favourite places by far have been Brick Lane and Camden. So lively and exciting!

Our adventures came to a halt last Friday night (16th) however, when one of my dodgy teeth decided it wanted some attention, and put me into a state of tortured agony within about 30 mins flat. Luckily, one of the girls we are staying with works for a dentist, and got me into an emergency center that night. We had to catch the tube at peak hour, and I honestly thought Id pass out from the pain and discomfort being squashed on that thing like cattle! But we made it to the dentist, who looked at my swelling mouth, and with an accent I could only half understand said "Emergency root canal". At least those are the only words I heard. I also have an infection which I have to take 2 different types of antibiotics for, which means I cant drink for a week. Great!
So 2 xrays, 1 root canal, and $1500 later, I was free from the pain. The money hurt a bit, but I would have paid anything to be out of the agony I was in. Travel insurance covers me for $1000 dental, so hopefully it wont be too much trouble making a claim.

So now we are looking for a place to rent, which is hard because everywhere is so expensive. We went for a walk to see where one place was, and I could have sworn we had stepped into Harlem, New York! to make the area even more appealing, we read in the paper a young girl had been shot in that area in a drive by shooting. OK. No more exploring 'too good to be true' priced flats. We want to stay in the area we are in, even if it costs a bit more. Its alot safer than the cheaper areas, and we are still really central. We will keep you updated, were looking this week.

School goes back tomorrow, I had one offer for 2 days work but it was 2 hrs away somewhere Id never heard of! I declined, and Im hoping Ill get a call in the morning, or at least this week.

Mark was due to go to France on Sat (17th), but due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, all flights are canceled in and out of the UK and most of Northern and Central Europe. He is VERY dissapointed. We are not sure whats going to happen there, he can get a refund or transfer the flights, but no one has any idea when flights will resume, so its a bit up in the air! (no pun intended)

Again, we will let you know when and if he goes. Andy is still here, his flight back to Oz hasnt left either so the two of them might do a surfing trip somewhere in the Uk for a few days.
Well, thanks for reading people, we love you and miss you all!! Bye until next time xoxo

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Well, after some minor hiccups, Mark and I are relatively settled for now. We are staying with fellow novacastrian (Cassi), and Im pretty keen to stay around this area. We are living in Hackney, a very groovy little spot with some awesome café’s and galleries. Today I visited the recruitment agency, who where fantastic, and they are adamant I will have no probs getting work when school goes back on the 19th. Hopefully I will get a contract somewhere for a term or longer teaching Art.
Mark hasn’t sorted any work out but we are going to go looking for a recruitment agency tomorrow (Friday).
So today we did the major tourist thing, with the obligatory happy snaps included. We did a bus tour that took us around to all the major London attractions, and we were lucky the sun was out, apparently a very rare occurrence around these parts! St Pauls was amazing, we climbed to the very top, so its safe to say Im overcoming my fear of heights! I nearly got kicked out for taking pictures in there, but unfortunately “no photography allowed” is just not in my vocabulary. I had to be sneaky!
We also went to the Tower of London, saw Big Ben and the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The Abbey, and got a running commentary of London’s gruesome history along the way. We still want to go to Madame Tussads and The London Dungeon, and I need a day or 2 to check out all the major galleries, but we knocked over a fair chunk of tourist attractions on one sunny day, which was good! Im now more interested in exploring the galleries, markets, café’s and shops, and finding a local art scene to start getting my work into! There are so many little galleries and art shops around, Im pretty much in heaven! Im thinking about getting a market stall at Camden or Portebello soon….
Well, until next installment, hope your all well, and not missing us too much! xoxo

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The first Pint of many!

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Well, we made it! We are finally here in London. After a grueling flight schedule (9hrs, then 6hr stop over in Singapore, then 13hrs to Heathrow), we had the pleasant experience of buying a ticket for, and getting on the tube. Our contact seems to have disappeared of the face of the planet so we had to make a fast decision about where to try and find a place to stay. We just went for Acton, close and cheap. So today we have just been wandering around trying to fight the jet lag, looking forward to a good nights sleep! We are safe, and although we are exhausted, we are blown away by this city. Many exciting times to come!
Till next post x

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[quote]“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” [/quote]

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So this is it then...Our thoughts, adventures, and frustrations will be poured into this blog, for all our loved ones to read and hopefully enjoy. No doubt I (Mel) will probably be writing most of this, but dont worry team McGregor, I'll keep you filled in!

Its 2 nights before we fly out, and we are both eager in anticipation. I am stressing, panicking, fussing over the little details, what toiletries to take, what to put in my hand luggage, filling my address book...I keep telling myself to stress less, but when you are putting your entire life into a backpack to leave everything you know, its hardly relaxing!

Its really hard to imagine what life will be like for the next couple of years, for the first time in my life, I dont know where Im headed. All I know is, everything happens for a reason, and if I dont go, I simply will not have lived the life I wanted.

So, Goodbye Australia, we will return changed souls - but only for the better.



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